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Telephone 07520287482

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Age: 26
Gender/Orientation: Male
Ethnicity: White
City: Liverpool
Availability: Outcall
Offered Services: Escort

I am an Independent Escort
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booking is book 24 hours be for booking date and booking by email or text your name and name of road and postcode Apparently, it's not all about sex... but an intimate session WILL cost you £80.00 an hour So to find out more about the industry and bust some myths, went straight to the source“I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t get booked for sex,” says “Certainly, sex is a part of what I do, but I run the gamut of emotional support, emotional pleasure and physical pleasure. “For these women I’m predominantly there to listen. I don’t judge, I don’t seek to cure them or pity them. “As a male escort, you don’t just get paid to bang lots of women as some might think. There is much more to the job than that.” So how much does it cost? With this particular agencies greet for £80 per hour Just like most other things in life there is also on and off peak costs. Peak Intimacy (which involves actual sex) is £160 an hour and social companionship is £80.00. While off-peak intimacy is £80.00 and social companionship is £80.00. How do you 'order' sex? If it was you were after, the process would start with and from Aphrodisiac Male Escort They have an ability to make you feel comfortable about the topic of sex and they add a woman’s touch, sometimes spending hours with each client on the phone answering any questions they might have or discussing any concerns. They match the needs of the women with their boys and give the escorts an in-depth overview of the women they are going to be meeting. The female clients are limited to six to eight bookings with a male escort so they can’t develop feelings and get too attached. This service is not just about sex, but about caring for their emotional well being. And as much as many of us would love to be a fly on the wall ourselves,Sometimes, if I get the right signal from a client, I’ll openly ask if anything interests them but I don’t often use things like the crop or restraints. “Women are usually after a close intimate experience without toys. When they know I’m trained with this stuff they feel more comfortable about handing over control to me. “I often remind clients that, this is still their time so what they want is what goes. Women aren’t used to asking for what they want so need coaxing sometimes


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